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Getting to know you… September 12, 2008

Filed under: School — tlsussman @ 12:05 am

A week down and the kids are still TOTALLY in love with this project.  I have kids that come in and tell me about what they are doing at home with their best friend.  One kid came in today and told me how bored Pepe was.  He was really disappointed that he couldn’t keep his friend entertained!!!

I am still not totally sure how this will all pan out, but I think I have decided to do a short interview (3-5 questions) for each section of the textbook.  While I don’t love following the textbook, it does give a great skeleton for the year.  This is also a way to informally assess how the students are doing.  The first entrevista (interview) was only worth 10 points, with 2 points for creativity and 2 for turning the assignment in on time.  It was interesting to see how kids did and what they found difficult.

As the year winds down, I will have them begin to piece everything together to create a PowerPoint, movie, website or poster.  They actually seem excited at the prospect.  We will spend the last week or so having the kids present their friends and share pretty much everything they learned over the year.  More than anything, this has turned into a great assessment tool – almost like a portfolio.


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