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A delicious start to the year January 4, 2009

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What a wonderful way to start the year…having my girlfriends over for good food and conversation.  After being out of town, it is always nice to have friends over.  It seems like everyone had a nice winter break (yay for being a teacher).  We did a little potluck action, and I got to try a new recipe!

I am deeply in love with this Veganomicon cookbook.  The recipes are very tasty and pretty easy to make.  I was going to make soup, but came across a pasta dish that sounded too good to pass up.  It was so easy to make it allergy friendly, since it was already dairy free.  So, I just switched the noodles and the breadcrumbs.  Easy as pie…or pasta 🙂

Pumpkin Casserole with Sage Breadcrumbs

Pumpkin Casserole with Sage Breadcrumbs

As much as I would love to give all the steps and ingredients, there are just too many on this one!  I will say that it includes a cashew ricotta, which was pretty easy to make and tasted just like ricotta. I think I would use that to make a lasagna also.

The bread crumbs were thanks to the Gluten-Free Goddess (Karina)!  Take some Vans waffles and toast ’em up.  Let them cool, then rip them into pieces and put in the food processor.  They worked pretty well.  I used the flax waffles, but you could use different ones depending on the flavor.  The flax were more savory, while the buckwheat had a sweeter taste.

The casserole was pretty tasty, although I think the filling could use a bit more flavor.  I substituted agave for sugar, but I might use maple syrup instead.  It has a flavor that is well suited with pumpkin.  It also called for cayenne, which I might use more of.  I would even put a little vanilla.  The “ricotta” sorta makes it bland.  But it is definitely filling and tastes just as good the next day!

As a side note, I did not realize that buckwheat was not actually a member of the wheat famiy.  It comes from a berry.  This is good to know…perhaps I could eat more things at a Japanese restaurant.  I do believe that soba noodles are buckwheat. 🙂

Anyway, we also had some great roasted potatoes, which my friend made.  Simple and tasty.  A little olive oil and some rosemary and salt.  Perfect combo!

The best part may have been the brownies.  Black bean brownies…who woulda thought!!  They were totally amazing and I am so glad my friend left them behind!  I can wait to have the last one tonight.  It makes me feel so much better to know that they are almost good for me.  Good protein and fiber!  A great way to get my system working with the wonderful taste of chocolate!  Even the less adventurous of the group had to admit that they were really good.

All in all, a wonderful meal and great fun.  If only I didn’t work, I could spend my time entertaining friends and cooking.  I guess I would also probably be very fat!

Which leads me to my new year’s resolution…which I suppose we are all subject to make at this time.  I would like to eat out less and cook more.  I love to cook.  It is relaxing and enjoyable.  I can sample food from all over the world that is just as good or better than some restaurants.  It is part of a bigger resolution to spend less money on needless things.  Eating out should be a treat, not an everyday occurrence, especially with food allergies.  We shall see how it goes…so far, not so good!  But tomorrow is a new day!  Right?!?!


One Response to “A delicious start to the year”

  1. Laura Says:

    Talia — Your pasta was great — really comfort food. I think maple syrup would give it an extra sweetness and creaminess that would be perfect. Also, yes, if you are not allergic to buckwheat specifically, then you have a huge range of options open to you in the form of soba noodles. I used to come home from DePaul classes at night and cook myself a bowl of soba noodles with soy sauce…… yum. But I’m allergic specifically to buckwheat. Also, buckwheat makes a nice hot cereal that is especially delicious with a little bit of salt sprinkled on it. And, my goodness, let’s not forget buckwheat pancakes. They’re the best!!!!! Yum, yum, yum. I’m glad you liked the brownies. I would like to try that recipe again with carob instead of cacao. Great brunch!!!!!

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