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Cheap Eats Challenge March 3, 2009

Filed under: Food — tlsussman @ 8:38 pm

A friend of mine (along with another two friends of hers) decided to challenge herself to spend no more than $100/month on food.  They are calling it the Cheap Eats Challenge.  Each of the three gets $100 plus four “tokens” – meals with family and friends.  I think this is a really cool idea and quite helpful to the rest of us.  Not only are they going to save money, but they will be posting recipes and ideas.  Further, they compared three or four major grocery stores on basic items.  Although I don’t know that I could handle $100/month, I actually come pretty close.  The problem is not as much the cost, but how much food goes to waste!  I do ok on most of the fruits, but somehow the veggies always go bad.  I have tons and tons of ideas for recipes, but I never seem to get to them all.  I have definitely been doing a better job on that front, but there is still too much food going to waste.  I also realized that I have a freezer full of food.  I always put stuff in there in case I don’t get a chance to cook or something, but somehow I never get to it.

All that being said, I think I will start my own Cheap Eats Challenge.  I won’t limit myself to the number of meals I eat with family (I really enjoy eating with them and I have to go for shabbat dinner – which would take up my 4 meals), but I am going to work on eating what is in the pantry.  I have tons of dried beans and other things that can be used, that should be used.  When I think about buying fruits and veggies, I think I will buy 1 less than I think I need, since that seems to be where I go wrong.

Between Brian and me, we spend about $250-$350 per month.  I would like to take this to $200-$300.  I’m pretty sure it’s possible.  Why not?  Right?!?!

I will keep tabs (loosely) on here and I have put the link to the Cheap Eats Challenge in the blogs section.  Might as well use their info to help me out too!