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Healthy Ice Cream? December 19, 2008

Filed under: Food — tlsussman @ 9:55 pm

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but I have discovered (ok, maybe I didn’t discover it) healthy ice cream.  Being allergic to dairy, ice cream and I don’t really get along too well.  Although I love the tasate, I do not love what it does to my GI tract.  I have long forgotten ice cream, in fact, until today.

I was reading through some raw recipes and came across a very complicated “ice cream”, only to realize it just a bunch of frozen bananas.  Although skeptical, I happened to have some bananas in my freezer that were calling my name (or maybe that was my newly acquired sweet tooth).  I threw 2 of them in the blender with some chopped pecans and let ‘er rip!  It takes a few minutes to get everything smoothed out, but the result is the consistency of ice cream.   From here, add what you like!  I put some carob powder in mine and had chocolate ice cream that, to me, tasted just as good as the real stuff.  Next time I will try some fruity flavors – made some strawberries or something.

No added sugar.  No added flavor.  Why don’t we market this stuff?!?!  I could be rich!

BTW – sorry there’s no picture…I ate it too fast!!


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