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Living free part II November 28, 2008

Filed under: Food — tlsussman @ 12:39 am

So I’ve been gluten and dairy free for almost a year now.  Not too long, but long enough to miss certain foods.  In my continued search for places to eat, I have come across what seem to be a rather fantastic website for celiacs, but it seem to be useful for other allergy-free people also.  As someone who likes to travel, eating is a major issue.  It isn’t just about what I can buy at the grocery store, but how many meals I can eat out without writhing in pain.  This site provides lists and links to menus from restaurants all across the US.  Many are chains and can be found in more than one state, but I would think it would help the travels a little.  Although not difinitive (of course) it is rather exciting!

Another great GF restaurant locator is the Gluten Free Registry.  The registry has an interactive map of the US and lists restaurants and is searchable by city.  The registry also includes a lot of chain restaurants, but has locally owned restaurants as well.

Really, I should give up on eating out…it’s expensive and the food is not usually that good.  Somehow, however, the prospect of being able to eat out more comfortably and happily makes eating out seem more worth while…but I will have to really think about that one.

Happy Turkey Day!


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