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Free living November 24, 2008

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For those of us with food allergies, eating out can be a challenge. I’ve found that as more and more people have allergies, more and more restaurants carry allergy-free foods.  So…I thought I would do a quick review of three restaurants in the Chicago area I visited recently with gluten-free options.

1. Maggiano’s

Maggiano’s does not have a gluten-free menu, but it now offers GF pasta.  The pasta is a corn base and they carry only rotini style pasta.  You can choose from their various sauces, but don’t eat the meatballs – they use breadcrumbs.

My waiter was not so knowledgeable, so I ordered pasta with meatballs.  When the order came, it was just pasta with marinara.  Bummer!  They brought me some meat sauce, but I was totally disappointed by my meal.  I would say that some of the meat dishes are still a better choice, especially because the waiters are not extremely knowledgeable about the whole thing.

2. Graziano’s

Graziano’s has a more comprehensive menue with pastas and meat dishes.  The GF menu takes some of the regular menu items that are naturally GF, but they also offer a GF pasta.  It has been a while, but I remember the food being quite good.  They do not have GF bread for before the meal, but the menu was quite varied for veggies and carnivores.  The wait staff also seemed pretty knowledgeable and were able to offer suggestions and changes to help me pick a great meal.

3. Wild Fire

This was the best restaurant of the three.  Wild Fire offered an extensive GF menu, which included sandwhiches!!  This was a first for me.  The menu took many of the regular menu items and made them GF.  My boyfriend and I ordered a salad and asked for the chicken and cheese on the side.  They brought chicken for him (herbed crusted or something) and a GF for me, without even having to ask!  The waiter also brought me a GF roll to have something to eat while my boyfriend snacked on the regular bread.

The waiter knew tons about what was in the food and was able to give good suggestions about what to eat.  He was also very careful to make sure that we knew which foods were GF and which were not.  It was a really great experience.
There are some other restaurants with GF options in the Chicago area, but I have yet to try them.

– Marcello’s Father and Son offers a GF pizza crust.  (Careful if you have dairy issues – the sauce has cheese)

-Piero’s PIzza also offers the GF pizza crust.

Both of these pizzas are quite expensive (about $15 per pie) and 8 or 10 inches.  It seems that this will be a special treat and I will keep you posted!

If you have any others to add, it would be great to know!


One Response to “Free living”

  1. dulcenaturally Says:

    Great to know! I think that Lou Malnati’s also does a rice pizza crust. I’m sure you could order just a pizza with lots of veggies on top (no cheese) and enjoy it like a saucy flatbread. Yum… that sounds good.

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