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Fall is in the air October 28, 2008

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Well, I was feeling the fall chill as I stepped out of my car and into my house, so I figured it was time to cook up some fall goodies.  Since Halloween is just around the corner, orange caught my eye.  I found a delicious recipe from Laurel’s Kitchen for a Ginger Butternut Squash.

All you need is some squash, lemon juice, ginger, agave nectar, salt and pepper.  I hate to say that I don’t really measure, so your guess is as good as mine!  Cook the squash in the oven at 400° until tender.  Mash in a bowl.  Add remaining ingredients and stir until mixed.  Be careful with the ginger.  Since it is strong and the squash is not, too much is overpowering.  It makes for an easy side with a sweet and tangy flavor.  And oh so easy!

Another easy recipe is roasted root vegetables.  I happened to have a turnip, parsnip and beat on hand.  Potatoes, rutabagas, yucca, etc are also great.  The combo just depends on the flavors you want.  The turnip is kinda harsh, but the parsnip and definitely the beat, are a little sweeter.  Basically, peel what you want and cut into large pieces.  Toss with olive oil, sea salt or kosher salt (they give better flavor than table salt) and rosemary.  You can add sage too, if you like.  Spread on a cookie sheet and bake at 400° until soft but still crunchy.  This is SO easy and really delish.  Also very filling.  It makes a great side for a party, too because of the colors.

I was also in the mood for soup, so I decided on a raw cream of mushroom soup from my friends at GoneRaw.  This is a wonderful website for those with alergies…I can eat so many things.  They can also be adapted to a less raw lifestyle!

Put 2 C water and 1/2 C sunflower seeds** in a blender until creamy and smooth.  Add 2 cloves chopped garlic (or more to taste), salt and pepper and 1/2 T nutritional yeast.  Blend until smooth and it begins to warm.  Add 1/2 C chopped button mushrooms and blend for no more than 10 sec.  Pour and eat!  I decided that instead of blending until warm, I would put some in a bowl and nuke it for a few seconds.  It was perfect!

**I used roasted and salted seeds, which have a stronger flavor.  If using this type, use less seeds.

The final adventure is a long-time favorite of mine in the fall – the taffy apple.  Since I can’t eat dairy, I can’t really eat caramel.  So…I used another recipe from GoneRaw.  Combine agave nectar and cocao powder until blended.  Add cocao to taste.  Place a chopstick in the middle of an apple.  Roll the apple in the chocolate sauce and then roll in your favorite crushed nuts.  (I used walnuts.)  Place in fridge to set.

A few thoughts on the chocolate sauce: the sauce was thin and therefore didn’t stick so well to the apples.  I didn’t want to freeze it all because the apples would have been NASTY!!  So…my thought it to freeze the chocolate sauce for a few hours and let it get pretty hard.  Remove from freezer 15-20 minutes before you want to use it.  It should be thick enough for the apples.  When you finish, if not serving immediately, place in the fridge.  That should hold ’em!

Either way, they were absolute delicious!  Easy and tasty.  Plus, they are good for diabetics, since the agave nectar is a slower releasing sugar.



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  1. dulcenaturally Says:

    WOW!!!! Great recipes!!!!

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