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A Year Long Project. September 7, 2008

Filed under: School — tlsussman @ 1:13 pm

Well, the project has been instated.  No turning back now!  I told the kids about it and I got the typical moaning and groaning.  Too bad!!  Once the kids were introduced to the “New Best Friends”, however, I heard nothing but hysterical laughing and possibly, yes possibly, excitement.  While I’m not sure they are overjoyed at the prospect of a year long assignment, they definitely got a kick out of their new best friends.  They actually thought I was bringing new people into the class!  Too funny.  I made them line up in a random order and then I walked down the line with pieces of construction paper with their friends on them.  Kids picked without looking and then sat down.  When everybody had a person, they all looked at the same time.  What a roar of laughter.  I gave them 5 seconds to trade.  I can’t imagine why they would want to trade any of these people for others:

I guess if my new friends looked like these, I would be laughing too!  Good thing I introduced this at the way end of class because they were gone after that.  Well, let’s see what happens!

Here’s the project.


One Response to “A Year Long Project.”

  1. Brooke Says:

    Profe! This is such an awesome project!!! Now that you’re almost a week into it, how do they feel about it?

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