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Beading Extravaganza August 21, 2008

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In my attempts to make up for wasted time this summer, I have spent the past few days beading.  It has become an extravaganza – I think I made 5-10 pieces!  The first few I made looked like I had never beaded before.  Although I am no expert, they were boring and simple.  My mom said, “You are more creative than that!”.  So in my attempts to impress her, I spent a few hours at Ayla’s buying and creating.  It is nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of and ensure that what I am attempting is not totally crazy.  They also have a huge selection of interesting beads.

Today, I was once again bit by the beading bug and created three new necklaces.

I found the bead in a vintage store in St. Louis and never really knew what to do with it.  It was so unique that I didn’t want to create something boring.  I thought, for a change of pace, it would be cool it the focus of the piece was not in the middle but to the side.  Not only that, but it clasps at the bead, rather than in the back.

My dad recently took a trip to Thailand and returned with this jade elephant on a black chord.  Somehow I ended up with two (one of which must belong to my sister) and so I decided to jazz it up a bit.  I tried to find beads that looked Thai (if that is possible), so the silver is Thai silver and the others are just pretty 🙂

I also found this pendant in the vintage store.  I think it was actually to hold a scarf in place or something like that.  It’s got this great mother of pearl on the front that shines in so many colors.  I love these beads, because the black beads actually have purple sparkles that really shine with this pendant and the green pears make it all look softer.

I always forget how much I enjoy creating these things and how proud I am when I finish.  Although it isn’t anything fancy, I am pretty impressed with myself.  As much as I like them, I know I will never wear them all.  I think I would actually like to try and sell them at some point, but who would even buy them?  Maybe I will save them as gifts.  Oh well!  I’ll just keep making ’em and see what happens!!


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