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Techie Camp August 12, 2008

Filed under: School — tlsussman @ 7:36 pm

Today was day one of three of techie camp at work. While I value the time to learn about different tech stuff that is new and different, 6 hours is a little too much. There are many new things being introduced, but they are seem to be introduced at such a basic level, that I don’t feel challenged. Oh well…have to make the best of it!

One thing that I think will be cool is moodle. It is set up through the district and I can have a page for each class. I think that I am going to create files for my students to download and read…and then respond. It would be like having google chat or something! They can do it from home or from school. It would be nice to get the kids reading and writing about topics related to Spanish.

I am going to start the year by having them read articles about why they should study Spanish (or any language) and then have them respond. I will be interested to see how the feel about language learning and what they know about its importance. I am hoping that it will start the year off right with a little technology, a little learning and a totally new way to interact and share thoughts.

I also had this though to start my students blogging. Although not a new thought worldwide, I think this is going to be a bit tricky. My 6th graders used to have pen pals, but my friend moved to North Carolina, making the pen pal thing somehow less tricky (even though that is counter-intuitive!). I would love the kids to have blogs that they can use to communicate and share things about themselves. North Carolina would not be so far away then. Plus…linking kids learning English with those learning Spanish seems to work pretty well. They could insert pictures, send messages, add video and more!! I just have to figure it out. I don’t want it to be too complicated, but I feel like it might end up being a bit overwhelming.

I always get so excited about all these tech projects and the majority seem to fall through. I get excited, but the kids don’t or it is just too complicated! I have two more days of this…so hopefully I can really put something together to make these three (long) days worth my while.


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